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Melissa and Doug have many wood learning toys including this Magnetic Pretend Play Joey. Pretend play toys are a favorite of Michael's and many other children his age, and this magnetic Joey is no exception.

As you can see from the pictures and the video review, Joey is a wooden figure of a boy that includes 6 outfits and 26 magnetic pieces. Joey has proven to be a popular little fellow in our house.

We originally came across Joey at a local toy store and Michael immediately started playing with it.

Besides being a lot of fun to play with, Joey is also a good educational toy as well. Michael loves finding the individual pieces among the 26 to create the appropriate version of Joey.

Wood Learning Toys

You can create six different versions of Joey, or if your little boy has the same imagination of Michael, he can mix them up to come up with an endless number of Joey costumes.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys

The six versions of Joey include a pirate, construction worker, knight, superhero, fireman, and policeman.

Each has their own hat, helmet, or in the case of the superhero, mask. They also each have their own matching top, bottom, and some form of shoes or boots.

Pretend Play Toys

The wood is solid and the magntic pieces hold on well to the wooden figure of Joey. It is a very well made and durable toy, not unlike most products made by Melissa and Doug.

The set also comes with a sturdy wooden stand that Joey fits into perfectly, allowing you to stand him up and work with the various pieces with both hands.

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This proved to be one of Michael's favorite things to play with during a recent trip to the beach. He spent almost two hours of the trip playing with this toy and finding the appropriate pieces for each individual character.

I could see his little mind working as he picked up each little piece trying to determine if it went with the character he was creating.

This pretend play Joey, along with other wood learning toys made by Melissa and Doug, really do help teach hand-eye coordination, matching and motor skills, as well as promoting imaginative play within your child.

This toy is for ages 3+ and was bought online for less than $10.

Michael gives the Magnetic Pretend Play Joey 5 Stars.

Melissa and Doug Pretend Toys

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