Wood Airplane Toys - Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Mighty Builders Jet Plane

Are you looking for wood airplane toys for your little boy? Be sure to check out Melissa & Doug's Deluxe Wooden Mighty Builders Jet.

I thought this builder set from Melissa and Doug would be neat to build for Michael and have it displayed in his room.

Melissa and Doug produce a lot of great toys and this is a good one as well.

You should know that it is not the easiest wooden construction toy to build, but once built it looks very nice and is a neat little addition to Michael's room.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Toy Airplane

While I like the way the airplane looks, especially once it was completed, it is a little more difficult to put together than I expected.

I'm giving it my recommendation mainly because Michael likes it, but also because it's just a neat looking wooden airplane that he can have in his room.

It's prices just under $20 and is recommended for ages 6-9 years. There is no cutting or glue necessary for the construction of the toy airplane but it does take a little time and work to get it together.

Wood Airplane Toys

The set includes the various pieces of the toy airplane, a stand to display it on, screws for putting it together and some relatively easy instructions to assist you in the assembly.

Probably my biggest complaint is that sometimes the pieces don't fit together exactly as you would like because the holes for the screws aren't always in the best place possible.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt because I'm sure it's impossible to get every hole lined up exactly and have the various pieces fit together perfectly. One other complaint is that there are two screws that are longer than the rest but the instructions don't tell you when to use the longer ones.

But you can see from the pictures and the video that once complete it looks quite nice. So prepare for a little work when building this toy airplane.

I think even a six year-old would have a hard time putting this toy airplane together on their own. If nothing else it would be a fun time for a little boy and his dad to spend some time together building a neat looking little wooden toy airplane that would look great in their room.

Melissa and Doug Toy Airplane

Melissa and Doug Toy Airplane Wooden

The only requirement outside of the contents of the package is a screwdriver. Other than that you'll have every thing you need to assemble the toy plane.

The stand that comes with the set is a nice little added touch which displays the plane in an upward angle as if in flight. Even if you don't want to use the stand it will still display nicely on wheels that move.

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Mighty Builders Jet Plane

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Mighty Builders Jet Plane

The plane itself measures around 14 inches when completed. I've also found that the wooden box that it comes in is handy for storing other little toys that Michael has.

So if you're looking for wood airplane toys then this one would probably be one of your best choices. Like I said before, Michael likes it and it looks great once completed, so we would recommend it for other little boys who like toy airplanes or other display toys in their room. Just be ready for dad or granddad to do a little work to get it together.

Michael gives the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Mighty Builders Jet Plane 4 Stars.

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