Toys Made of Wood - Stacking Emergency Vehicles

If you are looking for some fun toys made of wood, be sure to check out Melissa and Doug’s Stackable Wooden Emergency Vehicles. They are some of Michael’s favorite toys. Any toy or product made by Melissa and Doug is of high quality, and these classic wooden toys are no exception.

They’re recommended for ages 3 years and up and cost $15 to $20. This set comes with a police car, an ambulance, and Michael’s favorite, the fire engine. They are very solid and sturdy and quite heavy as well.

They are constructed of solid wood stacking parts that are fun and easy to put together. You can mix and match pieces from the different vehicles easily, something Michael enjoys doing. Each vehicle has a freewheeling base enabling the vehicles to roll around quite easily.

melissa and doug stacking emergency vehicles

These stackable vehicles are a great little learning toy as well as being lots of fun. It’s fun for me to watch Michael put the individual pieces in their proper places to build the various vehicles.

The product description says that they promote hand/eye coordination, motor skills, and shape, color and size differentiation skills.

I’m not sure about all that, but I do know that he enjoys taking them apart and putting them back together, even if he doesn’t always match the right top to the right bottom.

He does have fun playing with them, and that’s all that really matters. Like all his other toy trucks and cars, these stackable vehicles expand his imagination as he gives them voices and different jobs to do while playing with other toys.

So if you’re looking for some quality toys made of wood for your little boy around the age of three or a little older, I highly recommend getting a set of these. They’re simple, fun, and a great little educational toy.

Michael gives the Stacking Emergency Vehicles 5 Stars.

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