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Looking for a toy tow truck that your little boy will love? Look no further than good ole Tow Mater, the popular and friendly tow truck character that starred in the Cars movie.

Everyone loves Mater's funny expressions and goofy smile, and even if your little boy hasn't seen the Cars movie, he's sure to love playing with this or any version of a Mater toy.

For those of you who don't know Mater, he's the friendly old tow truck from the little town of Radiator Springs, where Lightning McQueen accidentally ends up while on his way to the big Piston Cup race in California.

Mater and Lightning McQueen become best friends during the days McQueen is stuck in the small town. His goofy demeanor, charming personality, and mischievous behavior makes him one of the all time most beloved characters in children's movie history.

The Mater toy truck pictures and reviewed here is a simple matchbox like 1:55-scale, die-cast action-sized vehicle. It feels pretty solid and somewhat heavy for it's size.

The best reason to purchase this little truck is more because of the character rather than the truck itself. While Michael still has fun playing with this truck, the fact that he recognizes it's Mater, with his trademark bucktooth smile, is what really makes it fun for him.

If your little boy loves playing with little cars and trucks, and collecting them as well, this tow mater toy truck is sure to be a favorite. Michael enjoys taking him on rides in the car with him as well, making it a great little toy for long trips.

tow mater toy truck

This toy tow truck is very reasonably prices as well. I got it on Amazon for around $5. So if you're looking for a great little toy truck for your boy be sure to look for Tow Mater.

This is a great little cheap version of Mater, but there are other bigger Mater toys with more features out there as well.

Michael gives this version of Tow Mater 4 Stars.

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