Toy Garbage Truck - Playmobil #4418

I finally found the best Toy Garbage Truck on the market. I'd been looking for one for a while but never seemed to be able to spot the right one. I eventually gave up on the local toy stores and turned to the internet to continue my search when I stumbled across this Playmobil Garbage/Recycling Truck.

Michael has a lot of little trucks he enjoys playing with but no garbage trucks. He often points out garbage trucks when we're driving around town, so I thought he would enjoy having a little one of his own. This garbage truck from Playmobil has become somewhat of a star in our home. Knowing the quality of the toys made by Playmobil, I'm surprised I didn't look to them sooner.

Toy Garbage Truck

I think just about every little boy enjoys playing with trucks, and I have no doubt most will love this one. It cost just under $30 on Amazon and is recommended for ages 4+. Anything made by Playmobil is durable and fun, and this toy truck is no exception. It has everything your little boy will need to inspire hours of pretend play fun.

When you open the box you'll notice that there are a few pieces that you must put together. It includes easy to follow instructions for quick assembly. Included with the truck are two little Playmobil people with removable hats, three trash bins, stickers, and other accessories. Putting the stickers on the truck is a fun activity to do together if your little boy is not quite old enough to do it alone.

Playmobil Recycling Truck #4418

The roof of the truck cab is removable so the two figures can easily be placed in or taken out of the truck. The back of the truck has a trap door on the roof, and the rear door at the back lifts up as well. This makes it easy to remove all the "garbage" that may end up in the container part of the truck. The back of the truck lifts up from the frame as well, enabling you to "dump" the garbage once it's full.

Toy Truck

One of the neatest features of this toy garbage truck is the little lever on the rear door which imitates the action of an actual garbage truck. Just snap one of the bins on the back door, lift the lever, and any contents of the bin slide right into the back of the truck. Michael is not quite four years old and he figured out how to do this himself after just few minutes of play.

Playmobil Truck

If your child has any other Playmobil toys this garbage truck will be a nice addition to their collection. Besides the fun of playing with the truck itself, Michael loves having two more little figures to join the rest of his rapidly growing Playmobil people collection. Michael and I highly recommend this truck, and we have no doubt your little boy will have fun with it too.

Michael gives the Playmobil Toy Garbage Truck #4418 5 Stars.

Toy Recycling Truck

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