Toy Construction Vehicles - Bruder Loader/Backhoe

Toy Construction Vehicles, like this Bruder Toy Loader and Backhoe, have always been popular among little boys that love toys.

If your little boy is like Michael he no doubt loves seeing all the various real-life construction vehicles out around town. Why not give him one of his very own with a Bruder toy vehicle that are "Just like the real thing".

Bruder toys are made in Germany with fade resistant, quality ABS plastic, and they don't use any glue or screws.

This Loader/Backhoe, as well as any other Bruder vehicles, is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This toy is recommended for ages 3+ and really does look like the real thing.

Bruder Toy Loader Backhoe

Toy Construction Vehicles

A couple of weeks ago when Michael and I were in the toy store he saw this and immediately starting playing with it. Like most boys his age, he's fascinated with all sorts of construction and farm vehicles and tractors and this toy vehicle seemed like a great one for him to have.

At a little over $30 it's not exactly cheap, but the quality and life-like detail of the vehicle make it worth the price.

As you can see in the video, the front loader and the backhoe both have realistic movements. The steering wheel in the cab turns and the operator's seat turns around to face either the front or the rear. The loader bucket and the smaller bucket for the backhoe move independently.

Bruder Toy Vehicle

The front loader has a lever on the side to move the bucket up and down and the backhoe will stretch all the way out in any direction. There are braces on both sides that move up and down as well.

The backhoe can also rest in the upright position. The backhoe mechanism can be removed entirely from the vehicle and replaced with a small trailor hitch part that is included. The vehicle rolls really well on four sturdy tires.

Bruder Toys

Bruder Toy Construction Vehicles

We've only had it a couple of weeks and haven't had a problem with parts breaking or coming off. It is made of plastic, so I can see how there may be some problems after extended rough play, especially if it's taken outside to do some real digging.

So far it's been a great toy and Michael has enjoyed playing with it. It's proven to be a great source of imaginative fun for him, and I'm sure your little boy will enjoy it as well.

Bruder makes many other toy construction vehicles, and I would definitely consider buying another one.


Michael gives this Bruder Toy Loader/Backhoe 5 Stars.

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