Star Wars Lego Toys

Star Wars Lego Toys are a favorite of many, and this Lego Star Wars Rebel Scout Speeder is a fun little set to add to any Star Wars Lego collection.

The Lego Star Wars Rebel Scout Speeder comes with 82 pieces and is recommended for ages 6-12. There are a lot of small Lego pieces included in this set, so it's probably best if an adult helps those younger than six put it together. Like all Lego sets, this one is easy to put together and includes easy to follow directions.

Michael is too young to know that much about Star Wars, but he knows about Legos, and he loved watching me put it together and has enjoyed playing with it since then. He took it with him everywhere he went for the first couple of days and still enjoys the pretend play fun it provides.

Star Wars Lego Toys

Lego Star Wars Sets

It comes with 4 little rebel trooper Lego figures, each of which has a helmet. The Scout Speeder has a detachable rotating cannon that sits on the back and four other smaller guns that attach to the sides of the vehicle.

The rotating cannon actually does what you would think it does, which is rotate. It spins around easily and is easy to take off and put back on.

The smaller guns, as well as the trooper's helmets, are very small and can be lost if you're not careful. We took it with us on a car trip and it didn't take long for the guns to end up in the floorboard. The guns are easy to attach though, and Michael is able to do it with ease.

The vehicle itself is about 6 inches long and stays together pretty well. The individual Lego figures are easy to remove from the vehicle and easy to place back on the vehicle as well. Three of the figures sit down in the vehicle while one mans the rotating cannon.

Lego Star Wars Rebel Scout Speeder

All together it's a great little Lego set, especially if your little boy likes Star Wars and is collecting each set. There are many great Star Wars Lego toys that you can purchase to create an entire Star Wars empire.

This set is not expensive, as I paid just under $10 for it. So if your looking for Lego Star Wars sets, this one would be a great one to have. It's our first, and will likely not be our last.

Michael gives this Lego Star Wars Rebel Scout Speeder 4 Stars.

Star Wars Lego Sets

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