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There are lots of great Playmobil vehicles to choose from, but this review is for the Playmobil All Terrain Vehicle. This Playmobil toy is number 4427. I bought it online at Amazon for about $8.

There isn't a whole lot to say about this toy other than Michael has had a good time playing with it. One of the coolest features of this vehicle is that it has a pull back motor. Just pull it back a little bit and watch it go! It goes pretty fast too!

Michael's had a good time playing with this and other Playmobil Vehicles. We have another Playmobil pull back vehicle that is similar to this one, but it's a policeman instead of a "motorcycle man", as Michael likes to call this little guy.

Playmobil Vehicles

As with most Playmobil toys this one comes with a little person that is easy to stand up and sit down on the vehicle. His little hands easily grab on to the handle bars for those rough and tumble races off of tables and for those hard crashes into other toys.

Playmobil All Terrain Vehicle

This toy does come in a couple of different pieces out of the package, requiring you to put the handle bars on to the main body. It's easy enough though, as you'll see in the video review.

The "motorcycle man" comes with a helmet and a little case that snaps onto the back of the four wheeler. Michael enjoyed finding little things to place into the case. Overall it's a fun little toy that is fairly cheap, and of course, like all Playmobil products, it's very well made and durable.

Playmobil Toy Vehicle

Be sure to watch the end of the video to see Joe go for a little ride himself. He has a little accident, but he's doing just fine.

Toy Vehicle

Michael gives this Playmobil All Terrain Vehicle 4 Stars.

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