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This review is for one of the many great Playmobil sets, which includes the Playmobil Forest Lodge 4207. We've already reviewed the Playmobil Forest Truck, another great toy that Michael loves, and have often seen the Forest Lodge in stores and online.

I finally decided to go ahead and get the Forest Lodge for Michael because I knew how much fun he would have playing with the various parts and little people that come included.

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At just under $50 it's not cheap, but with all the pieces that come with it, and the fact that it will provide hours of fun, imaginative play, I knew it would be well worth the price.

It turned out to be a great buy, and I know that your little boy, or girl for that matter, will love playing pretend with this toy.

Part of the fun was getting to put it together with Michael. It's recommended for ages 4+, so Michael is not yet able to put it together himself, but he loved being my little helper as I snapped all the little pieces in place.

Playmobil Forest House Upon opening the box we quickly found that there were quite a few pieces that go with this set. The detail of each individual piece was pretty impressive and I could see why this set cost almost $50.

The main building of the set is obviously the lodge itself, but it also includes a tree with tree house, a fenced in care center (pen) for the little animals, four people, animals, birds, rodents, furniture, guns, gun case, firewood, ax, dog, deer, fire extinguisher, heating stove, ladders, books, and more.

There is even a little birds nest with eggs, and a picture of a fox that snaps into the inside wall. It's amazing what all you get in this set, and how much you can do with it.

Playmobil Forest Lodge Like all Playmobil sets, this one comes with easy to follow instructions with pictures and each piece fits together in a snap!

The lodge takes the most time to put together, but you'll have fun snapping the pieces into place and watching it take shape. They included a simple little tool that you use to easily place the little plastic bits into the pieces of the building.

Once the little bits are in place it's just a matter of snapping the other parts of the building together.

The front of the lodge features a front porch, doors and windows that open and a little shed on the side to store the firewood and food for the animals.

I guess you could park a vehicle in there too, but there wasn't a vehicle included. It looks like a great spot to park the Forest Truck.

The back of the lodge is open so you can play with the interior. There are a few pieces of furniture you can put in either the main living area or the loft above. This Playmobil set includes two ladders with a hook that you string together yourself. You can then hang one of the ladders from the loft.

Playmobil Forest Lodge Back

It also includes four pieces of fence you can use as a pen for the animals and a tree. The tree is a lot of fun to put together and play with as well. I think Michael plays with the tree a little more than the lodge itself.

The tree comes with the main trunk and branches, a base that fits on the bottom of the tree, and tree branches with leaves that slide right into place.

The tree also comes with a little tree house that you hang one of the ladders from. On top of the tree and on other parts of the fence and lodge are little points that you can place the birds or squirrels on to.

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This is one of the best Playmobil sets that you can buy for your little boy. Michael absolutely loves it. He played with it all afternoon and most of the evening when we first got it, and he doesn't seem to grow tired of it now.

He loves that it came with four little people. Two of the people are bigger than the other two, making a family of four with a mom and dad, and a little boy and girl.

If you're looking for something non-electrical that will provide hours of fun pretend play for your little boy, you can't go wrong with the Playmobil Forest Lodge, one of the great Playmobil sets available in stores or online.

Playmobil Forest Lodge

Michael gives the Playmobil Forest Lodge 5stars.


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