Playmobil Forest Truck

This is a review of the Playmobil Forest Truck toy. This is the first time we’ve ever bought a Playmobil toy, and I can honestly say I will likely buy more. I would like to buy a lot more, but Playmobil toys can get a tad bit expensive.

Playmobil makes a lot of different toy trucks, but I liked the looks of this one and Michael agreed. We were in the toy store the other day looking for something to get for him when I came across the Playmobil toy section.

I'd often looked at the Playmobil displays before but passed them buy simply because of the cost. Michael was playing with another toy in the store and I called him over to take a look.

His smile grew wide as he looked at the nice colorful picture on the box. He loved that it was a toy jeep (it looks more like a jeep to us than a truck) and liked that it had a little toy figure he could play with as well.


For just a little over $20, this toy truck was definitely worth it. This was confirmed when we opened up and looked inside at the contents. Playmobil toys may be a little on the expensive side, but I immediately saw why upon looking at all that came with it.

Playmobil Forest Truck Contents

This toy truck came with lots of different components and I could immediately tell they were of the highest quality. It got Michael excited as well, but it was time for him to go to bed and time for me to put it together.

With easy to follow instructions it was a breeze to put together, and I actually felt guilty for doing it while Michael was sleeping. You can see in these pictures and in the video the various pieces that come with this toy.

Besides the individual pieces that make up the toy truck and trailor, it also has a cool little hunter person (I called him a park ranger in the video), a little dog, a box, a basket, a bale of hay, map, rifle with sling, binoculars with strap, tow cable, another component I couldn’t name, and some fun stickers as well.

Playmobil Forest Truck Trailor

It looks cool and once you put the little wheels on it rolls around very well. The trailor can easily be taken off if you want and the little guy is easy to put in different positions.

The top of the truck can easily be taken off and put back on and the wheels can be changed as well. You can even move the dog’s head up and down if you want.

Playmobil Forest Truck

So when Michael saw his new toy truck the next morning he was thrilled. This toy invites the imagination of a little boy to come up with different scenarios, and Michael did just that.

It’s safe to say that I highly recommend this toy for any little boy. The box says it’s for ages 4+, but I know boys younger than 4 who would have plenty of fun with this toy. The manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 4-12.

The age thing would probably come into play when putting it together. Obviously a three year old wouldn’t be able to put it together by himself, but he’ll love watching you do it and it will be a good time to spend together.

Michael and his dad give this Playmobil Forest Truck a very deserving 5 Stars

His daddy will likely be buying more Playmobil toys for him in the future.

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