Playmobil Car #3904

This fun little Playmobil Car is another great toy for any boy. If your boy wants a cool little Police toy car to play with you will want to check out this Playmobil Set #3904.

I continue to be impressed by all the Playmobil toys I've gotten for Michael, and Michael himself loves to play with each one. This Playmobil Police toy car is no exception.

Priced around 25$, this Playmobil toy is a little on the expensive side, but just like all other Playmobil products, this one seems to be a bargain once you discover what's inside and how much fun it is to play with.

Playmobil Police Car

Playmobil Police Car Set 3904

It's for ages 4+ probably because of the small accessories that come with the set. There really isn't much to put together with this set other than to play the windshield, roof, and flashing lights on top of the car.

There are some smaller pieces like an antenna and license plates that snap on to the front and back of the car.

Playmobil Police Car Set Accessories

One thing I've noticed about any Playmobil toys that have wheels is that they roll really well. You can tell by how the wheels roll so smoothly that it's a well made toy.

One of the fun things about this Playmobil car is that it comes with flashing lights that require two AAA batteries.

Playmobil Car

You must use a small screwdriver to get to the battery compartment housed underneath the lights. Once you've placed the batteries inside it's just a matter of closing the battery compartment, snapping the lights on to the top of the roof, and then pushing a little button on top.

In no time your boy will have a life-like police toy car ready for action. The lights stay on for a minute or so before turning off on their own.

Playmobil Police Car

The other cool feature of this Playmobil set is that it comes with two Playmobil figures. Each figure comes with two different hats that you can switch out if you like, one with a white top and the other black.

Playmobil Policeman Figures

To place the figures inside the car you must first take the roof off of the car, something that is easy to do. The car itself has two seats in the front as well as a backseat. Michael has already had fun putting some of his other Playmobil figures in the car with the police figures.

Playmobil Action Figures

The trunk can be opened and it's a perfect place to keep all the other accessories that come with the set including;

  • Two Flashlights
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Hand-Held Stop Sign
  • Caution Sign
  • Two Pistols
  • A Pair of Handcuffs
  • Walkie-Talkie

    This is a great Police toy car and one that Michael and I both highly recommend. You can't beat Playmobil toys and this one is one of the best for the price. We feel confident that your boy will enjoy it as much as Michael has.

    Michael gives this Playmobil Police Toy Car #3904 5 Stars.

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