Nerf Toy Guns - N-Srike Maverick

Nerf Toy Guns are some of the best toy guns on the market and this Nerf N-Strike Maverick is a simple straight-forward fun little toy dart gun.

I can remember having Nerf footballs when I was young and I wish they had made these cool little toy dart guns back then.

Be sure to watch the video below to see this toy gun in action!

This toy gun is advertised as being for ages 6+ but Michael has loved it and he's a few years away from that age. It's easy to use, simple and straight-forward toy dart gun that comes with 6 suction-cupped darts.

Nerf N-Strike Maverick Toy Dart Gun

I was impressed by how well it worked and how simple it was to use. Just press a button on the side of the gun to open the rotating barrel, feed the darts into the six holes, close the barrel, pull back the slide and you're in business.

I was also impressed by how well the darts actually shot. At close distances it is easy to hit your mark.

We haven't done it yet but it would be fun to put a target on the wall and see how well our aim is. The little suction cup tips of the darts perform well and stick to most flat surfaces.

In the video I shot it at the wall and the darts only stuck for a moment or two, but when the darts hit a door, TV, or any other flat surface they stick very well.

Nerf Toy Gun

I would caution you that you or your boy should be careful when aiming it at someone. The darts, at least for the first few feet, come out with a pretty good force which could potentially hurt someone's face or eyes at close distance.

Michael and I have used it to shoot at various targets around the house, even though he's tempted to shoot his daddy with it. I've probably had just as much fun with it as he has. He thinks it's funny when I shoot the TV with it since all the darts will stick on the smooth glass surface very easily.

Once you've shot a dart you must pull back the charging slide which automatically rotates the barrel to the next dart before pulling the trigger again. The package contains easy to follow instruction on how to load and shoot this fun little toy gun.

Nerf Toy Guns

I got this Nerf toy gun for around 9$, a very good deal considering the quality and fun it has provided. So if you're looking for a great toy gun for your boy be sure to check out the N-Strike Maverick and other Nerf toy guns. We highly recommend this one because it's one of the cheapest and easiest to use.

Michael gives the Nerf N-Strike Maverick Toy Dart Gun 5 Stars.

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