Lincoln Log Sets - Frontier Farm and Lookout

Are you looking for a couple of great Lincoln Log sets for your little boy? If you’re like me, you likely played with Lincoln Logs at some point in your childhood. Who doesn’t like Lincoln Logs?

Everyone likes Lincoln Logs, and if for some reason you don’t, I bet your little boy will, and you will as well after seeing how much fun he has playing with them.

Even if your little boy isn’t quite at the age where he can build the various buildings himself, you’ll both still have a good time as you build together. Watching Michael play with them reminded me of why this simple, yet fun little wooden creation has lasted the test of time.

Lincoln Log Sets

The Lincoln Log sets reviewed here are part of their Frontier Series. The first is titled the Frontier Farm, and what a fun little farm it is.

Michael thinks farms are the greatest things in the world anyway, so it didn’t surprise me to see how much he enjoyed watching and helping me build this one.

He’s not quite old enough to build the Lincoln Log buildings himself, but he provided plenty of the enthusiasm that only a child can display while watching me put together this Lincoln Log barn.

Lincoln Logs Frontier Farm

With easy step by step instructions you’ll have the barn up in no time. The instructions also include pictures of other buildings you can build as well.

Use your imagination and you can create all kinds of different buildings with the included pieces.

Some of the best features of these Lincoln Log sets are what’s included inside. In addition to the barn itself you’ll find a little farmer, a cow, a water bucket, a wagon, and a bale of hay. These little add on items created the perfect little farm setting to spark the imaginative little mind in Michael.

There is no end to the imagination of a child and that was confirmed to me as we played out numerous storylines in the life of our little Lincoln Log farm. We took trips in the wagon, drank water out of the water bucket, ate some of the hay, and more.

Like every other toy Michael has, these had the ability to fly as well. The little farmer was also the owner of a little red race car (Lightning McQueen) that was parked next to the barn. It must have been a good year for crops.

Lincoln Logs Frontier Lookout The package says that it is for ages 3+. I would imagine that a child younger than three would have a good time playing with this if his mom or dad were there to help him.

It cost $16.99 at a Learning Express here in town, but I have seen it priced a little cheaper at various places online.

He had so much fun playing with the Frontier Farm that we went and got the Frontier Lookout, which is part of the Lincoln Log Frontier series as well.

Michael always wants to build a bigger building and it’s hard to do that if you’re limited to the number of logs in one set.

The Frontier Lookout is just as much fun to build and play with as the Frontier Farm. Included in the Frontier Lookout are logs for two structures, a little lookout man, a bear, and a tree.

After we put both together side by side it was time for us to play the parts. Michael was the farmer and I was the lookout man.

We would invite the other over to our little “houses” and have dinner and talk. Michael made the lookout man (me) buy a ticket to get inside the gate of his farm. The cow and the bear made it into the action as well, each playing a pivotal role in the various scenes we acted out.

It was a lot of fun and playing with these Lincoln Log sets will be a lot of fun for your little boy as well.

Michael gives the Lincoln Logs Frontier Farm and the Lincoln Logs Frontier Lookout 5 Stars.

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