Lego Vehicles

Does your little boy like Legos? He'll love the Lego vehicles in this Lego Creator set. Michael loves these little vehicles, and I love putting them together.

If you don't know about these little Creator sets by Lego be sure and check them out. We got this one and Michael liked it so much that I went and got another one.

One of the great features of these little Lego sets is that they are not expensive and provide lots of building fun. I bought this set for around $9 and another set for $7.

Michael and I have spent lots of fun times together building with Legos, so getting him this little set was a no-brainer. He loves that you can create 3 cool little construction vehicles from this one set.

I like how easy they are to piece together using the easy to follow directions. They also come in a great little plastic container for easy storage of all the little pieces.

Lego Vehicles

The set comes with 68 total pieces. The pieces are very small, which is probably why the recommended age is from 6-12. I think children younger than 6 will still have lots of fun with these, but they will probably need some help putting the vehicles together.

You can make three different construction vehicles with this set, including an excavator, forklift, and a truck/hauler.

Michael seems to like the forklift the best. The little pieces snap right into place and the wheels are actually quite good for rolling. I was very impressed with the quality and detail of each individual vehicle.

Lego Creator Set

So if you're looking for some Lego vehicles for your little boy, you really can't go wrong with this Creator set or any of the Lego Creator sets. They really are a great little toy, and of course they're Legos, which we all know makes great toys that are a lot of fun to play with.

Legos will likely be just as much fun to play with 50 years from now as they are today. These sets would also make a great little gift for a boy having a birthday party.

Michael gives the Lego Creator 3 in 1 Construction Vehicle Set 5 Stars.

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