Lego Ship and Crane - Build Your Own Harbor #6186

Michael loves cranes, so when I saw the Lego ship and crane on the cover of this Lego set's box, I knew I had to get it for him.

Plus, he loves Legos and I love putting them together with him, so it was a perfect match.

This set is actually the Build Your Own Lego Harbor #6186.

It's a neat little Lego set, and at just under$15, not too expensive considering the number of Legos that are included in the package.

This set is for ages 4+ and doesn't include many of the tiny Lego pieces that come with some of the more advanced sets. It's a fun little set nevertheless and Michael really likes it a lot.

Lego Build Your Own Harbor

This Lego ship and crane set comes with a total of 252 Lego pieces and some easy to follow instructions on how to build the cargo ship, the crane, and the forklift.

Lego Bricks For Lego Build Your Own Harbor

The following are a few of the features of this set:

  • Cargo Ship
  • Forklift
  • Crane With Cable and Hook
  • Eject Button for R2-D2
  • Dock Worker Lego Figure
  • Lots of Extra Legos

    Lego Harbor Worker Minifigure

    The crane would be a lot of fun for younger boys out there because it has a cable with a hook on the end that can be raised and lowered by lifting or pushing down on a lever in the back.

    Included in the Lego pieces are some cargo pieces that the hook can grab and then swivel over to load on to the cargo ship.

    The cargo can be brought over to the ship by the forklift, which is driven by the little Lego minifigure.

    Lego Cargo Ship and Crane

    Once you've built the crane, ship and forklift you'll notice you have quite a few Lego bricks left over.

    The instructions only guide you through the construction of those three main parts, but there are quite a few pages included with nice pictures displaying other great ideas for the leftover bricks.

    Lego Harbor Ship Crane and Forklift

    The Build Your Own Lego Harbor would be a really great starter set for any little boy beginning his Lego collection, especially for younger boys who may have a hard time with some of the advanced Lego sets.

    Michael loves this set, and I have no doubt that your little boy as well.

    It's fun and easy to build the various main pieces, and the simplicity of it makes it fun to play with. I guarantee you he'll love playing with the crane.

    Let your boy begin his Lego adventures with this nice little classic set, and he'll be on his way to many more to come.

    Michael gives the Build Your Own Lego Harbor 5 Stars.

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