Lego Helicopter - Lego City Police Helicopter #7741

When I bought this Lego helicopter I thought it might be a nice little Lego set to add to Michael's growing Lego collection, but I really didn't think it would turn out as nice as it did.

I was pleasantly surprised by the size and the details of this toy helicopter.

Everything about it was much better than I expected. It's priced around $13 online but I got it for a discount at Target which made it an even better purchase.

This Police helicopter is part of the Lego City series, so if you want to begin your Lego collection, this Lego set #7741 would be an ideal place to begin.

Lego Helicopter

Lego Toy Helicopters

It says it's for ages 5-12 but I would think even a five year old might need a little adult help at putting it together. The directions are very easy to follow, but there are some smaller pieces which might make it difficult for a younger child to build.

Lego Helicopter Package Contents

Lego Helicopter Pieces Included

Once built, you'll have a wonderful little Lego toy that any little boy is sure to enjoy. Michael has enjoyed playing with it, and even though some of the pieces come off at times, it's not difficult to piece back together.

Again, just like most Lego sets, especially ones in the Lego City series, this Lego Helicopter looks very realistic and the detail is exceptional. I was personally impressed by how smooth and easy the blades spin when you give it a good twist of the fingers.

Lego Helicopter Set

Lego Helicopter City Police

Lego City Police Helicopter 7741

It's a really great little toy for any young guy or even an older child who enjoys collecting Legos. There are 94 pieces included in the set, and it took me about 20 minutes to complete. It's easy enough to put together, but the little pieces make it a little more time consuming that you would think.

Also included with this set is one little Lego figure with helmet and face shield. The helicopter has a storage area on each side for storing the pair of binoculars and handcuffs that are included in the set. The main rotor blades fold up and down if you want and are easily removed as well.

Lego Helicopter Policeman

If you want your little Lego policeman to sit in the cockpit all you have to do is take the blades off the top, remove the top and windshield off the cockpit, and he'll be behind the controls in no time. It's quick and easy to place those three pieces right back on the bird and prepare for liftoff. The helicopter also has a searchlight underneath as well as emergency lights off of one side and on the tail.

Michael and I highly recommend this Lego set #7741 City Police Helicopter. It was fun to put together, and once built was even more fun for Michael to play with. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality for the price I paid.

Michael gives this Lego City Police Helicopter 5 Stars.

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