Lego Fire Truck - Lego Set #7239

This Lego Fire Truck would be the perfect gift for anyone looking for a cool toy fire truck with awesome life-like appearance. Part of the Lego City Series, this fire truck set #7239 comes with 214 pieces of Lego building fun.

Lego Fire Truck

Toy Fire Truck

If your little boy likes building toys, likes Legos, and wants a toy fire truck, then this toy is the perfect gift for him. It might even be the perfect gift for the dad that likes to build with his son, since it was such a blast to put together.

At just under $20 it's not the cheapest of toys, but then again you don't get the quality and life-like feel of one of these Lego sets with a cheaper toy.

Not only is the actual building of the toy truck lots of fun, especially when you get to do it with your little boy, but the realistic look and feel of the toy truck is amazing as well.

Lego Fire Truck 7239

I'm continually amazed at how realistic Lego makes their toys, and this toy Lego fire truck is no exception. Upon opening the box you'll find three individual packages containing the contents of the three major parts of this set. The three main parts of this Lego set are:

  • The truck
  • Trailor with rescue boat
  • Ladder assembly on top of truck.

    Lego Fire Truck Set

    Each of the three individual main parts come with their own set of instructions that are easy to follow. It takes a little time to build the whole set, but your little boy will enjoy every minute of building fun, and if he isn't quite old enough to build it himself, it will be time well spent building together.

    The life-like detail and realistic appearance of this Lego set will soon become apparent as you begin to put it together. The ladder with bucket raises and lowers and swivels right and left on the back of the truck.

    Put down the braces that keep the truck in place, put a man in the bucket, unroll the fire hose, and your little Lego fireman is ready to fight fires.

    This set comes with two Lego figures, both of which include realistic helmet gear including face mask and oxygen tank. Their other gear includes a fire extinguisher, ax, and hand-held radio.

    Toy Lego Fire Truck

    Both the truck and the trailor have compartments for easy storage of other gear and accessories. The fire hose is easily stored one one side of the back of the fire truck and can be uncoiled and then wound back up into the truck.

    The rescue raft/boat can sit on top of the trailor or it can be taken off for more pretend play fun. This set also includes stickers to place on the boat, trailor and on top of the fire truck.

    Toy Fire Truck Lego City

    According to the pictures included on the instructions within the package you can construct two other cool variations of the fire truck.

    This is truly a great toy fire truck and one that your little boy will no doubt love. Even if he's a little too young to build it himself, he'll still love playing with it once you both build it together.

    Michael sure has had fun playing with this truck. Get this Lego set! It will make the perfect gift for any little boy!

    Michael gives this Lego Fire Truck 5 Big Stars.

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