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Looking for some kids wooden puzzles for your little boy to play with? Everyone remembers playing with wooden jigsaw puzzles when they were little, so why not get one for your kids to play with. I distinctly remember playing with wooden puzzles when I was much younger and have enjoyed watching Michael have fun and learn while playing with his puzzles.

There are an infinited number of kids wooden puzzles on the market, but some of the best are the hand-crafted wooden puzzles made by Melissa and Doug. Michael has about five different wooden puzzles made by Melissa and Doug, and he seems to thoroughly enjoy each one.

Not only are these classic wooden puzzles fun for kids to play with, but like most of the toys and puzzles made by Melissa and Doug, they are also great educational tools for children of all ages. The Deluxe Wood USA Map wooden jigsaw puzzle is both fun and educational.

Kids Wooden Puzzles This puzzle is recommended for children ages 5-12 years but I think children under 5 can have fun with this one as well. I've seen firsthand how much Michael loves this puzzle and he's not even four years old. Whether it's the colorful map with pictures, the numerous pieces (45), or the fact that he likes to know the different states I've visited, he really likes sitting down with me and putting the little pieces into place.

He's a little young to put the pieces into place by himself, but we have a good time doing it together as I tell him a little bit about each state and what the picture represents. He also likes it to point to the state we live in. Underneath each piece is an outline representing the border of each state with the capitol written next to a star representing the location.

We were in a toy store when I first came across this puzzle. I thought it was neat and that it would be a great way for him to learn his states in the coming years.

I asked him if he liked it and wanted to get it and he seemed thrilled, which kind of surprised me. He likes maps for some reason. Anyway, I have no doubt that your child will enjoy this puzzle as well, and I can't think of a better way for a child to start learning the different states in the USA.

You can buy this puzzle online for about $10 or less, making it a very reasonably prices educational toy that kids can have fun with. It's an all around great deal and great toy puzzle.

Michael gives the Melissa and Doug USA Wooden Puzzle Map 4 Stars.

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