Indiana Jones Lego Set #7620

This Indiana Jones Lego Set is a great starter set for those who want to start collecting the Indiana Jones Lego series.

Priced at just under $10 it's not to expensive to experience the fun of having Indiana Jones in your Lego collection.

Michael is too young to know who Indiana Jones is but there are many little guys out there who know him well and they'll more than likely enjoy playing with this set.

There isn't a whole lot to it, but it's still Indiana Jones brought to life through Legos.

Indiana Jones Lego

This set represents the motorcycle chase scene from the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie which came out back in 1989. Indiana Jones and his dad, Dr. Henry Jones have just found the map that will lead them to the Holy Grail.

They attempt to escape on a motorcycle with a sidecar with Indy driving and his Dad riding in the sidecar. They are chased by a German on another motorcycle and have to crash through a gate to get away. It's a great movie and this little Lego set is a pretty good representation of that scene.

Indian Jones Lego Set

The set includes 79 pieces and easy to follow instructions on how to put everything together. There really isn't a whole lot to build, but it is fun to see Indy and his Dad come to life. The faces on the individual Lego figures look a lot like the real thing.

Indiana Jones Lego Motorcycle Chase

The set includes a satchel/bag that goes over Indiana's arm, Indiana Jones signature hat, and the whip that has become famous. You can place the whip in Indiana's hand or on the motorcycle. Two pistols come with the set as well, one for Indiana Jones and one for the German chasing them.

The Dr. Henry Jones figure comes with a map, as well as the type of hat he wore in the movie. The German character comes with a helmet and goggles.

The following is a summary of what's included in the set:

  • Indiana Jones Bag
  • Indiana Jones Hat
  • Indiana Jones Whip
  • Treasure Map
  • Two Pistols
  • Three Lego Figures
  • Two Motorcycles, One Sidecar
  • Two Crates
  • Gate,Guard Shack, and Flag

    Lego Set 7620

    The two motorcycles are pretty neat, especially the one with the sidecar that can easily be removed. Both motorcycles roll pretty well but not real fast.

    Other than the motorcycles and the figures the only other pieces are the gate that moves up and down, which is attached to the guard shack, a couple of crates, and a flag.

    Indiana Jones Lego Series

    All in all it's a neat little Lego set and one that would be great to start your Indiana Jones Lego collection with. This set is supposedly for ages 6-12 but I think those younger than 6 would enjoy it as well.

    Lego Indiana Jones

    Michael gives this Indiana Jones Lego set 4 Stars.

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