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GI Joe Characters

There are quite a few GI Joe characters to choose from out there, but we're going to focus this review on two of Michael's favorites. Both of these characters are part of the 25 anniversary series, which feature some of the classic GI Joe action figures many people have come to love.

Some of the characters they make now are so extreme that they just don't have the classic feel as some of the older ones. I can't even tell you what most of them are, and I would rather Michael play with the older characters, the ones that really do represent a "Real American Hero". At the risk of getting political,it would be nice if they would get back to making more action figures representing good American military men, but I guess it's a result of the times we live in.

Anyway, the two GI Joe Characters that you can see here are Wild Bill, a helicopter pilot, and Duke, an army First Sgt. Duke has somehow become our little mascot for this site. His name has also been changed by Michael to just "Joe", an appropriate nickname I guess since he is after all a G.I. Joe.

Michael has a good time playing with these action figures, incorporating them into his pretend play with other toys and sets. Both Wild Bill and Joe can normally be seen riding on tractors, trucks, hanging out at barns, log cabins, and they even have the ability to fly.

GI Joe Action Figures

The package says that these action figures are for ages 5+, probably because of the small pieces of equipment that is included in each package. Duke comes with a machinegun, pistol, jetpack (He flies just fine without it), harness, removable helmet, nameplate base, and the good ole American flag.

Wild Bill is a hard looking soldier, who was previously an infantryman but is now a helicopter pilot. He comes with 2 pistols and a display stand. His hat is removable as well.

The display stands are great if you plan on displaying these figures, but Michael has pretty much done away with the stand, choosing instead to play with them as the are. Duke (Or Joe) is pretty easy to stand up, but Wild Bill takes a little more work to make him stand.

You can see from most of the videos that Duke (Joe) has dispensed with most of his equipment. His dry wit and no-nonsense personality have been a great help in the making of our video reviews.

GI Joe Wild Bill Action Figure

So if you're looking for a couple of great GI Joe characters for your little boy to play with, you can't go wrong with Wild Bill and Duke. Even if your little boy is not yet five years of age, these action figures will still inspire hours of imaginative play.

Michael gives Wild Bill and Duke a big 5 stars.

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