Batman Dark Knight Action Figures

Batman Dark Night Action Figures

This review is for one of the Batman Dark Knight Action Figures that correspond with the most recent Batman movie The Dark Knight.

For whatever reason Batman happens to be Michael's favorite superhero. I haven't quite figured out why he chose Batman over the others, but Batman it is, and this action figure is a perfect little toy for boys who like Batman.

This and other Dark Night action figures come with addons that you can attach to the action figure itself, although Michael doesn't seem interested in using any of the attachments while playing with the figure.

Overall it's a simple yet fun little toy for any little boy who enjoys pretend play with various action figures. It is sturdy and easy to bend into different positions and has very defining features as well. I was impressed by the detail of Batman's suit as well as the instruments that accompanied it.

This action figure is for ages 4+ but boys younger than four will no doubt enjoy it as well. I presume the recommended age is 4 because of the small add on parts that come with it. If you put those away I see no reason why a child younger than 4 could play with it.

I paid $10 for this Batman action figure at a local toy store but you could no doubt get this and other Dark Knight action figures for a little less at an online store like Amazon.

Michael gives this Batman action figure 4 stars.

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