Children's Walkie Talkies

These Toy U.S. Military Children's Walkie Talkies were a great addition to our toy collection. Most boys go through a "soldier" stage while growing up, and they would most likely love these toy walkie talkies.

They come in camouflage and stand about 6" tall. They are fairly solid and have proven to be durable as well. Each walkie talkie requires a 9V battery that doesn't come with the package. Other features include a 4 inch antenna, a morse code button, and the ability to communicate with each other for up to 225 ft.

Michael likes soldiers and likes to pretend, so these walkie talkies were a perfect fit for him. They are recommended for ages 5+ but Michael had an easy time learning how to use them at age 3. They have worked well for talking from different rooms and different floors too. He loves to tell me to go in another room so he can send me messages over the walkie talkie. He also loves standing right next to me and talking to me on the walkie talkie.

Children's Walkie Talkies

So whether your on a different floor, another room, or standing a foot away, these walkie talkies will add some adventurous pretend play fun for a couple of friends or a father and son. Just turn the dial to turn the units on and adjust the volume, press the push-to-talk button, and you're in business. The Morse code button works very well and can be pretty loud too!

These walkie talkies cost about $14 at a local toy store. They were on sale at the time, and I've noticed they cost close to $30 at Amazon. Regardless of the price, if your little boy is adventurous, likes to play soldier, or if he just likes to be able to talk to someone in another room, these walkie talkies will do the trick. They are easy to operate and fun to play with. We think your little boy will enjoy them as much as Michael has.

Michael gives these Toy U.S. Military Children's Walkie Talkies 4 Stars.

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