Cardboard Building Blocks

cardboard building blocks

These Cardboard Building Blocks made by Melissa and Doug are perfect for your little boy. If your boy is like Michael then he no doubt loves building things. He'll absolutely love these sturdy and colorful cardboard blocks.

I've found that Melissa and Doug make some of the best quality and most durable toys on the market, and that holds true with these 40pc Jumbo Blocks. They make a set of 24 as well, but you'll have to have more than 24 if you want your little boy to be able to make a really big building. They make a 40pc Cardboard Town Block set as well, but this review is just for the standard block set.

The first thing you may notice about the blocks when purchasing them is the price. They are not cheap considering your buying cardboard, but then again they are vary sturdy and come in three different sizes and colors. I bought our set on Amazon for around $25.

melissa and doug jumbo cardboard blocks

The second thing you'll notice upon opening the box is that they are not put together. Some people may think they are going to receive the blocks already assembled and ready to build with. They come flat and shrink wrapped with easy to follow instructions on how to fold them into a sturdy block.

It may seem daunting to have to put together 40 blocks of cardboard but it is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Watch the video and you can see me folding one together in no time. The first two or three you put together may take a few minutes, you'll quickly become a pro and cardboard block assembly.

The third thing you'll notice upon assembling the blocks is how sturdy and durable they are. I haven't tried it but I bet a young boy could stand on one and not crush it. They also come in three bright colors; red, blue, and yellow.

Cardboard Block Toys

The three different sizes will enable your boy to build any number of various buildings, bridges, or just stack them up as high as they can go. Michael and I both built numerous buildings with them. I think Michael had the most fun from getting to knock them down once our building was completed.

These blocks promote imaginative play and teach a little math as well since the smaller blocks make one of the next larger size blocks. Michael has had a good time playing and building with these blocks, and I have no doubt your little boy will as well.

Michael gives these Cardboard Building Blocks 4 Stars.

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