Activities to keep boys occupied

by Linda
(Crediton, UK)

I have a grandson, Andrew, who is coming up for two. He is at the stage where he's into everything and loves to climb. He's beginning to be competitive too, so there's a bit of rivalry between him and his sister Amy, who is three.

My brother and his wife bought the two of them a pair of play tents with a tunnel that fits between them. The children love to have a tent each but Andrew loves to go through the tunnel. He spends absolutely ages going round and round. In one tent, through the tunnel and out the other tent.

Whereas Amy likes to make a "home", Andrew is not the slightest bit interested in that. He is much more active than his sister.

That being said, in his quieter moments he loves to play with the Mega Blocks. These are are cheaper option than Duplo. They are not quite the same quality as Lego or Duplo but they have an equal entertainment value.

Andrew's favorite game is to have someone else build up a huge tower of blocks for him to knock over. I find that, like the other commenter on this page, it's the time that you spend with him that he likes the best. Providing you are doing something that he wants to do he is very happy to play.

Occasionally he will play with his sister's toys but mostly he wants to be "on the go".

A local tourist attraction has an indoor play area that both Andrew and Amy love. Where Amy is content to go around and use the slide or play in the ball pool Andrew needs to be crashing around through the obstacles and burying himself in the ball pool. Even though he's younger he is much "busier".

Based on my experience of both my son and grandson I would recommend construction type toys as being the best way to occupy boys. They are loads better than video games because they stimulate the imagination and encourage problem solving skills.

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